sharing a meal

Sharing a meal

as though these friends

have been mine forever

as though these friends

have been together



But we all know the uncertain future

the pretence of freedom

while invisible chains

hold back from a life

where can I be free?

where can I be me?


where my gaze wanders

back to the atrocities

I’ve seen

to a life

that was more harm than good


despite being my home

i had to flee

to live

and be me


and now?


do we glimpse a life

that is true?

as I sit alone

on the verandah

looking in


an honest life

with no requirement to report in

where i can watch the TV

without fear of recrimination

where my neighbours smile at me

where i am welcomed


as a human that has seen too much fear

I need to be cared for

not spat at in the street

not treated like a criminal

not pretending to be ok


when the reality is bleak

i cannot stay forever

for now

life is in perpetuity

in no-man’s land

in nomad’s land


my phone is connecting me

to a world that is dying

on its bare feet

which keep walking onwards

though cut and bruised

though battered and sore


clinging to words

that allow us to think more

is possible from this situation


let’s work out how

we can share

our world



share our dreams



share our lives


while flying

on a magic carpet

to the stars