yet still 2016

mother nature

setting sun


souls who left us

shared parting gifts

singing Hallelujah

wild as the wind


wherever you look 

and actually see

is it worse than

ever before really

red bloody graphs

white lines on mirrors

gin with polar ice

and a slice

melting our hearts 

drowning our sorrows


the homeless dog's howl

piercing the ears 

of those souls

who care too much

who care to listen

to the screams

as the last hospital 

in Aleppo 


prem babies

pulled from their dusty tombs

what a way 

to celebrate

world prem

baby day


as the tabloids sink

to an all time low

cockroach editors

skuttle through 


drinking french champagne

in red, white & blue



london bridge is burning down

on a pyre of social media

churning ourselves




the kids they already knew

for years

this world

tumbling down

around us

cutting away

at their own flesh

through their tears


US boy

no gun in his holster


while safely in school

as the united others

hail their new leader

the stench of death 

wafting through the truly 

White House

climate change deniers

holocaust liars


activists are in shock

but no more numb 

than the Syrian people

who ask to be left

in peace

to die

their cries for help

unheard for too long


there's us

and there's them

there's before 

and there's after

the generation

who remember 

before the ws

world wars

world web

world wasted 

our friends die

mothers with no answers

children with no fathers


ladybird apocalypse

world war three

what to pack in my bag

where do we have to run

when we head for our sun

precious belongings

falling down mountain chasms

into the bleak midwinter


Yet Still

the songbird sings 

a yellow canary

illuminating the stars


Yet Still

the eagle soars


at standing rock

on the shoulders

of veterans


Yet Still

the female beatboxer

in oxford street

lifts us



Yet Still


stops us

in our tracks

to listen

to real beauty




jungala is sanctuary

where butterflies

will forever stamp

their millennium eyes 

on infinite souls

where roots hold firm

and truth

is our only hope.