A year of living Danishly

uncovering the secrets 

of the world’s happiest country

a new assignment says No

some kids are Unhappy

cutting themselves

they cannot go outside

they cannot go to school

in a world where they have everything?

more than everything?

or less that nothing?


The beigeness is seeping in

thanks Kate T 

for putting into words

what we struggle to articulate 

unless we use emoticons 

to express 

unhappiness all around 

unless we use alcohol 

to lubricate our tongues

so we can feel with all our senses

so we can hear with both our ears.


My eyes are all seeing 

as I hear the news that 

the government are to build 

a WALL between Calais and UK

on which Boris can patrol

just as the border control 

has gone back up between 

Denmark and Germany

and I hear another wall is being built 

between Denmark and Russia

and another wall is on the cards 

between US and Mexico. 


I will continue to swing

between the trees 

happiest in my own jungle

which is not a bad word

despite its bad press

but a sacred place to communities 

who are being threatened 

with destruction. 


HumanKINDER to myself 

each other

our planet

concerned about everything 

the writing is on the wall 

if we don't stand up in anger 

our computerised faces

blinded by screens 

so we can't lift a finger.


Open your eyes 

read between the lines

is it a deliberate deception

to keep us without sight

what I'm going to do

is respond how I can

for every wall they build

I have an alternative plan.