Emma Barrett Palmer led a successful and award-winning social innovation programme in government for over ten years. Then everything changed.

The way I saw human beings treated in Calais Refugee Camp in the winter of 2015, compelled me to quit my job in UK government.

I founded humanKINDER in 2016, but by the following year I was living on the road with my family and The Welcome Tent, an ex-army catering tent.

We used food as our universal language, cooking and sharing meals with the people we met on our 16,000 mile journey. Now I am weaving these stories, hopes and dreams into a book which will document this critical period in our lifetime.
— Emma Barrett Palmer, humanKINDER Founder

Emma is currently bringing together a humanKINDER Expert Advisory Board. More details coming soon.

Happiness All Around crew listening and learning from Alex Mvuka Ntung at Wise Words Festival, Canterbury, UK, 2016

Happiness All Around crew listening and learning from Alex Mvuka Ntung at Wise Words Festival, Canterbury, UK, 2016

Sparky Palmer is a Chef, Grower and Food Educator celebrating food in kitchens, fields and gardens for over 25 years and is now working as Chef de Production at Osmose Cuisine, Cooperatove Culinaire in Chamonix, France.

Dr Hannah Parathian-Thorn is an Anthropologist at Centro Em Rede De Investigação Antropologia in Portugal and Co-Founder of Wild Bread, a sourdough artisan BakeHouse in Kent, UK.

Mohammad Omar, Abdulaziz, Zubiar Eshag and Ibrahim Erdy are originally from South Sudan and are now living in the UK.

Christine Davies is a Ceramicist with a career in creative therapeutic interventions in the UK. 

The Hadafmand family from Afghanistan first met Emma ten years ago in Kent when she was their Youth Worker.

Photography during The Welcome Tent journey: Emma Barrett Palmer, Jorgen Bundgaard, Duncan Brown, Guki Giunashuili, Emily Parish, Gabriel Gee-Jay Jenny, Erika di Vito, Chris Christidis, Hollie McNish and Bagzada. Filming during The Welcome Tent journey by Emma, Sparky and participants: footage was edited by Adam Naldaal a Media Student from Aarhus. Artwork and branding is by Laxmi Hussain and pen&ink illustrations by UX Designer and Artist Myriam Weisenfeld

We take great inspiration from a great many people whose stories in time we hope to feature on these pages… Ella Matheson, Trustee at the Desmond Tutu Foundation, Tinna C Neilson, Founder of Move The Elephant For Inclusiveness, Ingrid Van Der Wacht from the Dutch Design Foundation and Gulwali Passarlay, Author of The Lightless Sky.