We are an emerging collective of people who are committed to finding a better way to live, work and learn together. We will collaborate with people across industry, disciplinary and cultural boundaries, who have worked in professional and voluntary settings around the world. We aim to be inclusive of all backgrounds, experiences and capabilities - everyone is welcome. 



Emma Barrett Palmer

Emma's passion is to work towards a more just and inclusive global society. Co-founder of humanKINDER Ltd and The Welcome Tent.


Sparky has been working with food and people for over 25 years. As a Chef, he cooked in top-end restaurants around the world. As a food Producer, he has studied and worked in organic, biodynamic and sustainable agriculture. As an Educator, he has been studying and teaching in fields, kitchens and classrooms. Co-founder of humanKINDER Ltd and The Welcome Tent.

Dr Hannah Parathian

Hannah's passion is to give unheard peoples a voice in the global arena. Co-founder of Wild Bread and The Welcome Tent.