how to mitigate segregation: an unanswered question

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Dear Emma,
Thanks for your enquiry. I really think this is an unanswered question. We have no real body of successful case studies or data for integration policy that gets beyond small-scale settings (ie classrooms). And I don’t think those small-scale studies - which have also been questioned - really get us to any policies for countries or even cities. Attempts at top-down social engineering have often done more harm than good.
Jeffrey Alexander (2013 in Ethnic and Racial Studies) says somethings similar. Sorry not to get beyond this. I did try and get government funding to run some experiments at ‘nudging’ integration, but haven’t got funding.

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Dear Eric,
I have just read a very useful article by you on Integration Hub from 05.09.16 regarding the Casey Report, link here

My current work is about using food as a catalyst to amplify silenced voices, in effect as a tool for integration. I have just completed a year’s field work around Europe cooking with displaced and refugee communities and I am now writing a book. As a trawl though notes from the last couple of years it was this sentence which stood out, and which I’m hoping you may be able to shed further light on: "there is very little grasp in the academic literature of what can be done in free societies to mitigate segregation..."

I find your analysis about housing very useful, but if you were able to point me in the direction of further cases or resources in academic literature that you have found, or indeed where the gaps are, that would be very much appreciated.
Thanks and Kind Regards,