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In June 2018, we were proud to be able to volunteer at the incredible Ricetta Milano project where eight thousand people representing projects, organisations and food from around the world ate together on one long table. This was a project which originated at the 2015 global food expo in Milan and was a collaboration between Kamba and the municipality of Milano. We were invited to eat pizza alongside the incredible men and women supported by Verso Probo and then we danced. 


We first visited Milano earlier in the year when we were treated to some amazing food. We ate Peruvian and Milanese specialities with our great friends Bruno, Erika and Ella. We ate at solidarity project Ri-make at an occupied bank; we had a great meeting with Francesca Folda at slow-food members and solidarity supporting family at Tipografia Alimentare; we heard about the city-wide food strategy at the municipality of Milano; and we were put in touch with the brilliant organisation Kamba "fine and fair afro food" which enables inclusion through food by training displaced young people in restauration skills which celebrate their own food and cultural heritage.