Borgerdesign Aarhus, Denmark

Emma Barrett Palmer is currently working as an expert advisor for BorgerDesign Aarhus, a citizen design agency based in the Aarhus municipality in Denmark. The BorgerDesign approach is a strategic collaboration across public services, inspired by design thinking and contextualised in real life.

The challenge

The BorgerDesign team are currently learning from young adults who experience vulnerability and the professionals who support them, across the health, social care, education and community sectors. Insight gathered from the Hospital's Accident and Emergency Department about the number of young adults self-harming, demonstrates a growing issue.  

The team will use this, and other demonstration projects, to inform the development of a citizen-centric approach to public service delivery. Trine and Karen have recently presented BorgerDesign at the Systemic Design Conference in Canada and the Positive Deviance conference in Copenhagen. 

 Institut for X Godsbanan, Aarhus

Institut for X Godsbanan, Aarhus